This Thursday, I will present the triptych of my series Inheritors at the opening of the group exhibition What’s new? at the Artotheque. To create my photographic series, I asked myself about the meaning of the word heritage.

I explore the historic path of the legacy of my ancestors focusing on significant historical elements where the psychological balance, physical, spiritual and emotional individuals of different black communities was tested. This exhibition includes paintings, photographs, drawings, watercolors and inks puts forward the works of new artists members. This work, entitled Victory is the third photograph of my triptych. It represents the victory that comes after the suffering and struggle. You can see a traditional Haitian dancer who emancipates. This photograph is the last of the session I realized that day. I wanted it to be powerful because it had an important meaning in the series, it was the “cherry on top”. It represents the spirit of the ancestors who are fighting for freedom and justice. This piece represent strength and celebration of all those who fought for a cause. I use my digital camera to recreate what crosses my mind while connecting by the symbiosis between my subjects and myself during the shooting.

The two other photographs of the triptych The Black Key represents the darkness of suffering and Open the Door the struggle for justice and freedom.



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