Born in Montreal, Kevin Calixte is a visual artist specialized in fine art photography who is currently lives and works in his hometown. He started his career in 2015 and studied photography in a self-taught way. Through his progress, Calixte perfected his craft by developing his critical aesthetic sense and his own techniques.

His work has been exhibited in Canada, United-States and Senegal.

His last solo show series entitled Pierre fragile explores the subject of human internal states of balance in connection with a natural substance, rocks.


The internal state of balance is my main subject of exploration. I explore the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states of being of my subjects using static and dynamic photography to reflect how balance can be achieved through motion and stillness. My works is the result of my constant quest to understand how individual internal states of balance affect interpersonal relationships in Western society.

I call the observer to introspection about the behaviours and moral values of human beings as individuals but also as participants in the Western world. My works are presented as a series of narrative pictures and are characterized by controlled movements that appeal to the imagination. I use my digital camera to recreate what crosses my mind, leading me to the symbiosis between my subjects and myself. The postures and colors contextualize my vision of the subject in its space and are designed to stimulate the imagination of the viewers.

2018      Pierre Fragile, Maison de la culture de Bellechasse, Saint-Damien de Buckland, Canada
2017      Pierre Fragile, Artothèque, Montreal, Canada
2017      Pierre Fragile, Cégep de Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Canada
2017      Montréal Terre d’Accueil, Centre Culturel de Verdun, Montreal, Canada
2016      Les trois Dalles series, Jardins Gamelin, Montréal, Canada
2016      Montréal Terre d’Accueil, Hôtel de Ville de Montréal, Montréal, Canada
2016      Montréal Terre d’Accueil, Centre Culturel de Pierrefonds, Canada
2016      Montréal Terre d’Accueil, Maison de la Culture Villeray-St-Michel,ParcEx, Canada
2016       Montréal Terre d’Accueil, Bibliothèque du Boisé, Montreal, Canada
2018     Affordable Art Fair NYC The Metropolitan Pavilion, New-York
2018     Sa Majesté Pourpre, Georges-Émile-Lapalmes Gallery, Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada
2017      SOFA, Chicago, USA
2017      Saint-Louis project, Éthiopique Gallery, Saint-Louis, Senegal
2017      Yo Series, with Manon Pelletier, Centre d’Artistes Voix Visuelle, Ottawa, Canada
2017      Collectif, Art gallery of Sherbrooke University, Sherbrooke, Canada
2017      Quoi de neuf, Artothèque, Montreal, Canada
2017      While no one was looking, with Shanna Strauss, Mainline Gallery,Montreal, Canada
2017      5th Edition, Mixed Arts Festival (RVAM), Montreal, Canada
2017      Mtl en arts, emerging artist category, Montreal, Canada
2017      L’art à l’ère du temps, Le Liveart, Montreal, Canada
2017      Jusqu’où te mènera Montréal, Théâtre aux Écuries, Montreal, Canada
2017      Jusqu’où te mènera Montréal, FTA, Montreal, Canada
2016      Dix ans de DAM, Biennale,Tohu – Curator by MBAM, Montreal, Canada
2016      Changemakers, Shanna Strauss, Forum Social Mondiale, MAI, Montréal, Canada
2016      Quoi de neuf, Artothèque, Montreal, Canada
2016      TEDx HEC, Montreal, Canada
2016      Transmutation, Georges Laoun, Montreal, Canada
2016      Variations, Bibliothèque de la Maison culturelle et communautaire, Montreal
2016      4th Edition, Mixed Arts Festival (RVAM), Montreal, Canada
2015      Les Héritiers, Espace Mushagalusa, Montreal, Canada
2015      La diversité dans la Diversité, Artothèque, Montreal, Canada
2017     Saint-Louis project, Artist residency, WAAW, Saint-Louis, Senegal
2017      Look at Saint-Michel, Public art project, François-Perrault park, Montreal, Canada
2018   Visual Artist of the Year, Gala Dynasty 
2017   CALQ, Bourse relève – Déplacement 
2017   Lojiq – Artist Residency
2017   Honorable mention, Montreal en arts 2017 (Mtl en art), Montreal, Canada
2016   Jeunes Volontaires program, Pierre Fragile project, CLE, Montreal, Canada
2017      Artist talk,Pierre Fragile, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal Canada
2017      Ruche,Pierre fragile series, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal Canada
2017      Workshop on visual Identity, Artothèque, Montreal, Canada
2017       Panel, artist talk, Art gallery of Sherbrooke University, Canada
CIM – Montreal City
TD Bank Collection – Black History Month
Private, Canada
2016   Montréal Terre d’Accueil Catalog, [CIM, Montreal City,]
L’Imprimerie centre d’artiste 
Diversité Artistique de Montréal  (DAM)
CA member – Association des Artistes Entrepreneurs de Montréal ( l’AARTEN )
Artothèque – Oeuvres en consignation
2017    Portraits de photographes, Maison de la photo de Montreal
2017    Percevoir la santé mentale comme une pierre fragile, Journal local Pamplemousse Petite-Patrie,par Lindsay-Anne Prévost
2017    Regard sur Saint-Michel, Journal de Saint-Michel, par Jeanne Barbeau, 28/6/17
2017    L’humanité montréalaise en photo, Journal Le Messager,par Andréanne Moreau
2017    Être touriste dans sa propre ville, Journal le Devoir, par Manon Dumais
2017    Coup de coeur Quoi de neuf, Revue l’Argot, par Anne-Philippe Beaulieu
2017    Radio Interview at La Renverse, CFAK 88.3, Sherbrooke
2016    Radio Interview at CPAM,1410 am, Montreal
2015    Tv Interview at CTV, Christine Long Les Héritiers Exposition Montreal
2015     Les Héritiers, Radio Interview at Planète en folie, Montreal 
2015     Les Héritiers, Radio Interview at Catherine et Laurent CIBL 101,5fm  
2015     Les Héritiers, Radio Interview at Montréal S’EXPOse, CIBL 101,5fm
2015     Les Héritiers, Radio Interview at à Les Comptes à rendre, RCV 102,3fm
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