2017. A new year just started with mind and agenda full of projects. Now I have to find my own balance through all my futur projects while taking the time to enjoy all those creative moments. The Human inspire me. My artistic approach focuses on the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual in the human internal state of balance. I am passionate about this quest of wellbeing. All of my artistic projects explore this subject.

I chose to be an artist because I have something to share. Something deep that has for mission to touch, to intrigue and to push the reflection beyond what is tangible. I aim to suspend time consciously and unconsciously in order to take time to contemplate different aspects that make up our well being.

That’s why in 2017 I don’t take new resolutions but rather to continue to work all the aspects of my life that creates this state of balance.

Like Albert Einstein said: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Happy new year to all of you guys!


* 2017 Next exhibitions and events

Collective Exhibition Le Mois de l’Histoire des Noirs  – From 10 Jan to Sat 18 Feb. 2017 – Opening on January 10th 5pm – Galerie d’art du Centre culturel de l’Université de Sherbrooke –  City of Sherbrooke        

Tournée de l’Exposition Montréal Terre d’Accueil – Exposition Solo – From January 11th to February 3th 2017 –  Centre culturel de Verdun – Montreal

Quoi de Neuf? – Collective Exhibition – From January 12th to February 11th 2017 – Opening January 12th 5pm – Artothèque – Montreal

Photographic workshop on visual signature in collaboration with Le Workshop and l’Artothèque –  14 January  1pm to 4pm – Montreal

Duo Exhibition – Kevin Calixte & Manon Pelletier – January 21st to February 21st 2017 – Opening January 26th 5pm – Centre Voix Visuelle – Ottawa

How far Montreal will lead you? – Photography Collective exhibition – From 5 May to 13 May 2017 – Festival du Jamais Lu– Théâtre Aux Écuries – Montreal

Pierre Fragile – Solo exhibition –  30 May to 2 June, 2017 – Opening 31 May 5pmArtothèque – Montreal